Stephane Humbert Lucas Paris is a place of expression for its creator, a place where he may exhibit his creative sensibilities and overflowing creativity without having to make any business sacrifices. Each piece begins with a blank canvas, which will be gradually imprinted with touches of colour, musical notes, poetry, and imagery.

Black Gemstone

Black Gemstone is a resemblance to Mecca’s precious Black Stone, which can be found in the Grand Mosque. Pierre Soulages’ study on the reflection of light from dark hue inspired this scent. The scent is brewed myrrh essence with woody notes from a unique combination of three Cedars and a dash of lemon. The aroma is as soft as clay and is petrified by the incense. Pilgrims circle the site seven times, believing it to have fallen from Heaven.

Isra & Miraj

The Orient’s beautiful romance, Isra & Miraj, speaks of a moonlit night journey and ascent to the seventh heaven. This scent represents a spiritual and initiatory journey that leads to the promise of hope, tranquilly, and personal satisfaction.  The scent is incredibly sensuous and sexual, with a strong Amber balm and a magnetic heliotrope flower. The white and brown Musks feel like a second skin right away. Woody and animalic notes are introduced by a lightly dosed natural Oud, perfecting a powerful sillage and a profound character.

Soleil de Jeddah

SHL uses the extraordinary quality of the components and their high concentration to show the numerous sides of the scent. As a painter, he wants to give his work a rich texture. A one-of-a-kind scent that is as dazzling as the sun after which it is called. Juicy Italian citrus, Osmanthus sweetness, and Madagascar Vanilla clash with Russian Leather and Amber in a dazzling beginning. With its strong and elegant sillage, this perfume creates a wonderful feeling of a luminous halo. For fans of oriental scents, this is a must-have.


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