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North To Poltava Furniture Spray

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“North to Poltava” Rum, Patchouli & Saffron


SKU: GYPFURN002 Categories: , , , Olfactive Family: Origin: United Kingdom


A rich and clean scent that delivers a natural woody feel with oud and Amber, enhanced by sweet vanilla and Dark Raspberry.

Pull the trigger to create your own curated fragranced atmosphere.

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How to use:

How to use:

indulge your senses and allow your imagination to run wild as you relax and Swapping our stories & sharing our experiences, bind memories and precious moments together. enjoy the gypsy life through our Room Spray collection following one of our three options.

option 1: begin your morning with creating an instance ambiance delivered to your room with a few aroma in the air and on the sheets for a boost of lifting your mood for the rest of the day.
option 2: use the gypsy Room Spray In the evening, on your bed sheets as a linen spray or as a sleep spray pillow mist.
option 3: use the gypsy Room Spray before going to bed on pillow to help sleep with nice memorize over the night time.

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