Kajal Fragrances Paris is a fragrance house built on a love of high-end fragrances. The name comes from the beauty term kajal, which refers to kohl, a natural substance that protects and beautifies the eyes in Indian culture. Kajal is also inspired by the Arabic term khajal, which means modesty, humility, and compassion while interacting with others.

Kajal Homme II by Kajal Perfumes is a new addition to the rich niche products, as one of the perfumes is specially designed for men’s manly taste. The spicy-sweet smell permeates the air, leaving a lasting impression and turning every head, whether in the office or at a party. A fresh smell is created to fit the charm, attractiveness, and originality of a person like this one, which makes them stand out and become the talk of the town, especially when you know the uncommon elements. The top notes are intricately blended with fresh subtleties, including green note accords and an herbal blend of lavender, Clary sage, and rosemary. A breath of spiciness comes from the faint vibrations of clove and cinnamon in the centre. This is countered by a distinct peach perfume, which, when combined with the spices, transforms the smell into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with a refined fruity tinge. The Virginia cedarwood is the main component in KAJAL HOMME II, and it is this wood that gives the scent its refinement. Musk, woody notes, and moss are combined with saffron, warm sweet notes, and deep patchouli in the base for a long-lasting impact.

Lamar by Kajal Scent is a fruity-sweet perfume designed with keeping the authenticity of women in mind. When the smell mixes properly for us and is designed for you, wearing perfume is like wearing your personality, which will always be distinct. During the development of LAMAR, famous perfumer Mark Buxton stated, “My inspiration was to create a rich, natural, warm, long-lasting scent by utilizing high quality natural ingredients.” This provides the impression of wandering through a rose bed or a jasmine field – extremely feminine and sensual. To give the smell a particular identity, the somewhat fruity top note is built with red berries, apples, a touch of pineapple, and a few spicy ingredients such as cardamom and coriander oil. This is complimented by a rich scent of Bulgarian rose oil and Turkish rose pure, which are blended with jasmine sambac absolute and magnolia flowers. The powerful vibrating woody foundation is made up of amber, cashmere, and cedarwood, and it is finished off with musk, vanilla, and moss. Overall, it is a one-of-a-kind invention.


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