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Introducing Contradictions In Ilk


This collection of eight gender-free perfumes are comprised of four paired, but contradictory scent stories, that work beautifully alone and enhance when layered – to surprising effect.

Each perfume in the collection is intended to reflect the many nuances of human nature, with layering allowing the wearer to play up or down different facets of the scent depending on their mood, environment, and caprice. Allowing the wearer a third or even fourth scent, depending on which way around they layer.

The concept of contradictory and layerable perfumes is based on Contradictions In Ilk’s belief that it’s the contradictions in our character that truly make us who we are. The emotions or personality traits that inspire the rich stories and defining scents behind each perfume should spark a “that’s essentially me in a bottle” moment.

Every interaction the wearer has with Contradictions In Ilk perfumes should ring true with what the brand believes in: quality, conscious consumerism, confidence, individual character, and the collaboration between a brand and the wearer – emphasizing their own story but never overshadowing it.


Opening Scent Collection:


Sincere : an enrobing expression of a mothers profound love

Devious : an exploration into the sour edge of one’s mind


Fantasist : a delectable treat for the senses with an enchanted night at the circus

Realist : in the mountains of Japan, we follow a monk’s quest to achieve enlightenment


Libertine : inspired by an encounter with the notorious Casanova

Virtuous : a divine scent in the truest sense.


Infatuated : the all-consuming experience of a lovelorn teenager

Nonchalant : a glimpse into the glamorous cool of Paris’s most notorious Femme Fatale


With this collection of contradictory layerable scents, inspired by human nature. Gender-free, cruelty-free and planet friendly.

Available in 50ml (€135), paired sets of 2x’s 7.5ml (€65) and a discovery set of 8x’s 2ml (€60)


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