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Bastille began with a very basic observation: "Clean" cosmetics, which are natural and considerate of both the environment and human health, remain popular in the beauty market, even as consumer habits shift toward more environmentally friendly ways of consuming goods.

Bastille wants to give significance to the fragrances we wear on a daily basis. To offer an empowering framework: the ability for perfumers to create their scents and the freedom for everyone else to choose - each to create their own scent and narrative.

However, things move more slowly and difficultly when it comes to fragrances. The market is still transparent, and fewer "clean" options are available.


Inspired by their shared experience at Chanel and their desire to challenge the current very traditional perfume industry in terms of purity, sustainable development, and environmental responsibility, Sophie Maisant and Pascal Hyafil teamed up in the Bastille adventure of 2022 to carry on the brand that a young Parisian had founded in 2020.

The legal definition of fragrance as a "trade secret" explains why manufacturers prefer not to disclose their ingredient lists. This opacity has influenced some manufacturers to utilise controversial substances like BHT, an antioxidant that may also disrupt the endocrine system.

Bastille believes in transparency. They would rather take the chance of being copied than let uncertainty surround your flesh and breathing.

Bastille's fragrances now have a distinctive touch that makes them truly unique. Liberated from their creation, they surprise themselves by creating new norms and choosing new conventions. Bastille's scents accurately convey the raw ingredients' clarity, transparency, and brilliance they incorporate.

Types And Varieties

The brand offers beautiful and different fragrances that use 100% transparent ingredients. With a promise of originality and high quality, Bastille aims to provide luxurious, top-notch fragrances, such as Rayon Vert, Hors Piste, Pleine Lune, Un Deux Trois Soleil, and Bataille perfume for men and women.

It all comes down to prioritizing the most significant things. Superior components, uniqueness, imagination, and liberty. Bastille's unisex fragrances dance and find a balance between certain ideations such as - ideal and actual, masculine and feminine, sustainable and attractive, traditional and futuristic, synthetic and natural, body and ideal, powerful and delicate, experience and memory.