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BOHOBOCO beyond the limits of your imagination

BOHOBOCO is a line of one-of-a-kind unisex premium fragrances. The history of perfume began many years ago with the thoughts of Michat Gilbert Lach, the inventor of BOHOBOCO perfume. He recalled the most details from his childhood, such as the scent of incense burning in a neighboring church or the aroma of Christmas Eve supper.
He began his career in 2012 with the release of the first bottle of unisex perfume. The expansion into the intriguing realm of perfumes was a natural step in the brand’s evolution. Since then, opposing components that operate on emotions and experiences via the use of contrasting fragrance notes have inspired a series of eight compositions.

Red Wine Brown Sugar

The hidden undertones of a dry red wine are enhanced by oak and brown sugar notes. It’s a unique mix that stimulates the senses. The comforting sweetness instills bravery and opens up a world of imagination and self-awareness. Red wine’s spicy flavors unlock the gates of luxury and enable you to conquer any obstacles. This irresistible scent will fill you with spiritual joy as you experience both sweet success and the bitter journey that leads to it.

HEAD NOTES: dried fruits, red fruits, blackberries
HEART NOTES: patchouli, red wine, cedarwood
BASE NOTES: caramel, liquor, leather (synthetic), brown sugar

Eucalyptus Patchouli

The distinctive, vivid eucalyptus included in the Eucalyptus Patchouli from the BOHOBOCO perfume offers a sensation of freshness and vitality, while the notes of red pepper, emphasized by the scent of patchouli interwoven with cardamom, heighten its intensity even more. A mysterious scent infused with powerful emotions creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The captivating composition virtually freezes time, allows for spiritual oneness, and provides an opportunity to appreciate another person’s compassion.

HEAD NOTES: cardamom, pink pepper, eucalyptus
HEART NOTES: frankincense, olibanum
BASE NOTES: patchouli, cedarwood, moss


It’s an ethereal thread that connects the wonderful layers of passion, curiosity, and commitment. This piece depicts a trip within themself to discover one’s real identity and the route to living a life of passion. Grateful to this, the dreamer realised what true art is and from that point he wanted it to follow him throughout his life. He hid his aspirations of creative enthusiasm, dedication, and inner joy of the moment in a simple bottle of perfume. The sweet and spicy fragrance is highly enticing and lasts a long time in one’s mind.

HEAD NOTES: orange blossom, rosebay
HEART NOTES: heliotrope, olibanum, rose, nutmeg
BASE NOTES: black pepper, vanilla, cedar wood, white musk


The designer of the BOHOBOCO perfume collection was inspired by beautiful memories of grandmothers. Thanks to them, a fascinating and unexpected scent composition buried in the Geranium Balsamic Note came to life. In the strong fragrance of geraniums, there are delicate balsamic notes enveloped by essential oils. The mix of these opposing scents resulted in a unique perfume that combines mysterious spirituality with fascinating self-assurance.

HEAD NOTES: juniper berry, bay leaf
HEART NOTES: cedar wood
BASE NOTES: cedar wood, geranium, olibanum, balsamic notes


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